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Introducing Zim's Matura-Care

Zim's Matura-Care provides elders and their caregivers with effective and easy to use products to help with the sensitive issues of Adult Incontinence.

Learn more about the Zim's Matura-Care Product Line

Featured: Zim's Max-Freeze -- For your Minor Aches & Pains TV Spot

Zim's Max-Freeze is perfect for temporarily relieving everyday minor aches and pains. Available at all major retailers!

Featured: Zim's Crack Creme - Pharmacist TV Spot 2011

Zim's Crack Creme isn't your ordinary skin care product. Look for it in the First Aid section of your local retailer!

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  • Zim's Crack Creme
  • Max FREEZE
  • Zim's Matura Care
  • Max FREEZE Pro
  • Disintegrator Plus

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